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Hey, Cookie Tech community!

Recently, I was wondering - what’s your opinion on ROBLOX islands?

I personally like the game - it’s fun to fight the mobs and create farms, factories, get animals, and expand my island.

For those of you who don’t know about Islands…
Islands is a low-poly and blocky game. You start of with and island, that has a tree, a workbench, and a few other things. You can build to a portal and go to the hub, visiting different islands to fight mobs, purchase items, and create your island.

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I mean, I played it for ages before, after like 30 minuets I got a bit bored not knowing anything else to do.

i liked the game back in the day but not I dont like it with all its new updates

It’s a very modern design, I like the UI & the scripting behind it is really good.

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I’ve last played Roblox Islands about a year ago, but I must say it’s a pretty good concept and it’s packed with features unlike other low-poly games that may or may not be similar. The UI is very nice and easy to navigate through. The graphics are also very spectacular as well as the NPC and animal designs.

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