Roblox just broke so many animations

People are quitting over this.

An update on Roblox have destroyed many roblox animations, a ton of people are complaining over this.

On October 11th there was a post made on the devforum:

Before November 1st animators had the option to enable/disable a property that changes the behaviour of how animations are played, but now every Roblox animation forces it to have this behaviour enabled.

This means many roblox games have issues where animations overlap and would look weird, unless you do coding to change this, which is not beginner friendly.

There was genuinely no reason why Roblox should remove this, so many people are confused regarding this.

This is so stupid.


What makes this even worse is this is not the first time this has happened, roblox also removed VIP links which was so unnecessary, what was the need for this?

It makes like on Roblox hard, it makes the future difficult and it’s hard to understand why this was needed.