Roblox - Know your location?

As you may or may not know there are games out there that can show your location (with a flag) next to your name.

People have been freaking out about this and are concerned that roblox know their exact location, but really, it’s a trick by the developer using localization ID or something similar to this.

This can also be seen in Arsenal as a feature:

This brings up a good question though, do you think this info should be shared with roblox developers? For now - I’m not sure.


No. It’s confidential and I doubt there’s anything in their privacy statement.

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Absolutely not, devs dont need to see where the hell i live

Developers can’t determine your exact location, they can only get as close to your country … I’d be surprised if they can determine even the player’s province, although that’s not happened before.

I don’t think players should be freaked out, even if they know your country, that’s kind of useless to developers other than using it for statistics.

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I’ve played games where they know your time zone, but that is pretty broad range.

Roblox is messed up, stop making these dumb features before you get a extremely big lawsuit due to privacy Violations.

It’s not technically a violation of privacy, Roblox already knows the player’s region upon account creation. Games are pretty much allowed use that for statistics.

But, let’s say if they got a hold on the player’s IP and city of living, that would be a violation of privacy because they’ll know your exact location.

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All websites you visit have your visit already have your IP. Even if a Roblox game/Developer DID have it. Personally I wouldnt care. These games get thousands of players a day/at a time. What makes you think they’ll look at your IP/Location let alone do anything with it.

personally I don’t care if someone goes as far as to find my address. But other people might care

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Personally, I don’t mind if somebody gets my country, but getting my address is something I would not like.

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Well… it’s not that the developers have acces to that. That’s probably just showing the IP location. Every website and game has access to your protocol since it’s what’s required to acces internet. They don’t have access or stored data about users location. That’s just a script that “translates” the IP to the location and then send the result (country). IP locations are not exact, and the type of locations shared with websites are public IPs, also known as the Router IP. It only shows the country and the city, but not th exact location. The router IP can be changed easily, while the Private IP is almost Impossible to get, to not say totally impossible unless they get access to your router (they would need to be connected to your router directly).

So basically, no. There’s no info shared with developers. I’ll leave you a chart/diagram that’s shows with ease how this works.

Hey, sorry to tell you, but you’re technically wrong. Holding public IPs isn’t illegal, since it’s the protocol used to connect to the internet. All websites have access to the IPs to be able to connect the user to the server. Without IP you would not be able to play or even enter a website. This public IP I’m talking about is the Router IP.

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I’m aware public IPs are necessary for connection and statistical-means, however it will be unreasonable and quite threatening to know that a developer some how manages to store your public IP, because 1) that means the developer managed to bypass security and obtain the IP, which is impossible to get without backdoor scripts, and 2) for a frame of time they can pose a threat to the user who has that public IP address, because public IPs cycle every 24hrs.

So let’s say a developer wanted to track the IP address (randomly generated), which they obtained through backdoor scripts, they can find your approximate location if they do so before the IP cycle. This can pose a reasonable threat to a user because a lot of things can be done just from knowing somebody’s IP address.


Okay, got some point, but there’s some wrongly stuff. They’re not using any backdoor to get the public IPs. It’s simply (I don’t know scripting) like imagine it’s a script that says “get IP, put countrlocation, print”. They’re not having any direct analysis of your IP. Moreover, public IP aren’t a threaten to be known. Cookie, and the server hoster, could see all IPs connected to the web, and that’s obviously legal. So yeah, having an IP is no more than just some weird numbers, you can’t do much with it.


I’ll tell u one thing why i care because a D game is showing my country flag it would been fine if u can disable it but show it? hell nah

the flag shows up in person and on other players its literally above your character

idon’t think its useful anymore since policyservice already exists.

though it could be utilized for games with matchmaking (such as tower defense simulator, tower heros, bedwars, etc) since it’ll have the closest ping, therefore optimizing the games experience (for loading in players) much more

Roblox developers dont have your exact location. Only the roblox admins. Developers cant even see your country, but they sadly have found out how. They calculate it with translation and time zone. Also, the Server location is not the country where you live. Just more near = less laggy. I live in austria and i have server locations like Rotterdam (Netherlands).

I guess there is nothing to worry about playing games, the only risk is using the platform.

Developers haven’t found any loophole … in fact it’s allowed for developers to use this information for general statistics. They can’t target anybody specifically just from their country.

However accessing your exact or approximate location can be against Roblox’s ToS as it can be considered a breach of privacy … getting someone’s country by professional means isn’t