Roblox - Language Switcher

Hi everyone!

Roblox is pushing out a new update that allows you to change your local language within the game. This of course comes with a lot of benefits and downsides, Roblox is most likely doing this to find a larger reach of people and spread out worldwide.

If we use this on roblox jailbreak as an example, this is what it looks like when you join:

But if you do the following:

Image from Gyazo

Change the language to one of the many options:

It will change the language:

At the moment I feel as if this will go really well or it will be a complete disaster, as you know google translate is very good, but not perfect, some bad translations could lead to some very awkward situation, we also have the issues with morals.

What do you think on this feature, should it stay, or go?

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I’ve tried out this feature and it actually doesn’t work on all games, and when it does, it only works on a few aspects.

Plus, there’s no real point as major games already offer this.

But, I’d say for smaller games, this works out quite well.

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As you can see, only a few aspects actually translate, and they translate it to something completely different, “impossible de toucher” literally translates to “impossible to touch” where as they could’ve simply translated it to “ne peut pas toucher” which is the direct translation.

This update is kind of strange.

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I noticed this earlier when I was playing “Rise of Nations” on Roblox, but this feature seems to be building on the current localization feature that already exists in Roblox Studio and the Creator Dashboard.

From what I believe, this language switcher is basically giving users the option to change their language if their account is set to a certain language already, let’s say English, but wants to experience the game in a different language … I’m pretty sure automatic translations are already out but this seems to be a “manual” option to translate.

Yep, I think this auto translator will never surpass a human translator, for now…

I don’t think they’ll translate chat, too many things that can be taken incorrectly in languages.

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