Roblox Limited's are becoming non-valuable!?

This is John Shedletsky, the first ever roblox employee making this post, Roblox Limiteds have been becoming less expensive and losing value, for instance take a look at this:

This item has rapidly lost value, going from around 10K, to 2K.

We’ve also had the reverse effect, with some items shooting up in price. Some people are also stating that UGC is creating this issue.

What are your views on this, do you think it’s just the market changing, or do you think this is a genuine effect from somewhere?


I think so. I’m not really a marketing person but I think it’s a mix of people selling Limiteds for cheap (which causes it to dip) and people selling it at regular prices.

I think more people are buying and selling Limiteds that are cheaper than it’s regular/average price which in return breaks the market.

I completely agree.

This is the main reason why I have stopped buying more limiteds. The Roblox economy has been in its poorest stages for months now, a lot of my limiteds have dropped in value in a matter of weeks.

I’m unsure if the limited item market will improve, but I sure hope so.

This is my friend who does trading said, it’s interesting that Roblox is removing premium only to trade, it’s making roblox premium less and less valued too.

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i bought premium for the robux lmao

Same, premium is just for the robux for me, no actual other benefits apart from that.

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