Roblox Messed Up - Inappropriate user allowed into star program

Hi there Cookie Tech.
So today, we have some news on how Roblox has messed up letting someone into the Star Program that shouldn’t be in there.

We may all know someone by the name of Xonnek, a well known Roblox YT, Hacker, and promoter of free robux sites. So, why is this a bad thing? Well, as you may or may not of known, Xonnek was best known for stealing peoples content for his own, he even stole some of Alberts content and never apologised for this.

So he still regularly uploads scam videos to his YouTube channel by promoting users to go to free robux games/sites. We all may remember him being terminated, well, he was unterminated after 3 years.
Tweet from greenlegocats:

My Personal Opinions

So, I don’t think this starcode creator should be in the program. Rolox should have done a background check AGAIN before letting him back on the platform to promote more free robux sites, hack peoples game and make content off it.

Let’s hear your opinions, I look forward to hearing from you all!


I agree with this opinion, also, Roblox should kick him out and never let him back into the Star program and ban his account, I can’t believe that Roblox can trust a Star Creator to do these stuff, which is against Roblox TOS. I think they don’t want to ban him as star creators are ‘protected users’ in moderation panels, meaning they would have a less chance of being banned.

Nearly 4 years ago he was terminated for all of these reasons, and I’m just going to piggy back off greenlegocats, he could of got special treatment to be unbanned from Roblox and be allowed in the star program because he could of either sent them a request saying it’s been 4 years blah blah blah and he thinks he should be in the program.
This was a bad mistake, Roblox knows he hacks and promotes scamming, so what made them do this?

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Probably some bad experiences with a player or moderator of Roblox or a game and he wanted revenge.

I thought the Star Program was invite only, how did they mess this up? These kind of scenarios are very rare.

It’s not invite only, if people can prove to Roblox they have meet the requirements, Roblox won’t do anything bar let them in, hence this mistake.

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The thing is Roblox have just gone and unbanned me annoying the WHOLE community as his ban was reasonable and fair.

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Wait, He did not get kicked out of the Star Program?

He was banned from Roblox due to the content he was uploading.

Wow, what a major mistake, these things need to be double checked.