Roblox messed up the chat filter

Alright, roblox has done something stupid again.

For some strange reason, the other day you were able to swear on the chat filter & I mean full on swear, according to RTC: Roblox’s automatic censoring system when creating was broken & users were creating inappropriate usernames.

This is terrible as roblox is a platform that should be appropriate for children, inappropriate usernames will drive younger users of the platforms, this will not be good for the player base, as games like adopt me and Brookhaven contain mostly children.

Roblox had to pause sign-ups, stopping people from signing up, it’s interesting how another internal update could have lead to this, this is just another scenario of roblox doing stupid things, without thinking it through, of double checking anything…

Roblox keeps having server issues, ToS update issues, Bot Issues, Music Issues & many many more.


I would like to hear your opinions on this,


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This was a real account made recently…

I’ve seen other accounts like that, it’s really surprising to see Roblox failed to make a proper username filter.

It had been working - and error occurred, we’ve got to remember that roblox works as a giant network, one service relies on another, one service comes down all the others come down with it.