Roblox Module Ideas Needed

hi guys,
i’m looking for roblox module ideas to make since starting may-july, i will be launching my #themoduleproject, which is a project branded under my company, Arbastro to make as many useful opensource modules (of which they’ll all be licensed under the MIT License) to help expedite roblox development today.

ive already released two (1: Basic Spatial Querying [Grid Partitioning] - Free Module - Version 1.2.2 2 [didn’t make a forum post for it yet but will soon]: GitHub - arbastro/rbx-quick-task: My QuickTask Roblox module provides an efficient method for asynchronous function execution using RunService. It schedules tasks to execute at the next frame, which enhances your game's performance. Easy to use, it supports any number of arguments and ensures non-blocking operations. ) which are mostly things i made for personal usage.

would love for you guys to share some suggestions / ideas you have or need and i’ll keep you guys updated on suggested ones released :heart: