Roblox Moon Animator news

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From now onwards until May 2022, you should see me actively posting these cool news topics related to Roblox or Minecraft as usual. After that, I may not be active on the Cookie Forums for a while for various reasons.

Anyways, lets get on with it!

So, on January 6th, 2022, youtuber SharkBlox explained a situation related to the Moon Animator plugin and Roblox. I’ll leave a link to his video here, and I’ll just summarize it down below.

The developer of Moon Animator is quite a scripter. There’s tons of effort in the plugin he made, and I’m sure you’ve come across if before. Recently, acccording to my knowledge, the creator of Moon Animator got really angry for the fact that Roblox Corporation, a multi million dollar company, is making huge profit out of Moon Animator, and not giving the creator a single dollar from his hard work. Moon Animator even had it’s logo changed to a cracked moon with a $0.00 tag on it. Based on the creator of Moon Animators’ knowledge, he believes that he should have been paid for his hard work. But SharkBlox makes a point here too, that he could’ve put his plugin for sale and charge some Robux or add a donation window, etc. Personally, I would also be upset if this happened to me.

What do you guys think about this? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Well, I love the Moon Animator plugin & the owner is amazing, (so nobody get mad please), by putting your plugin up for free aren’t you ready to make no money from the plugin?

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