Roblox needs to stop going down - 10M CCU is coming?

Roblox went down earlier in the week because they almost hit 10M player playing at the same time for the first time! :tada:

However, there was something else that happened for the first time. That’s that two different games had over 1M players at the same time.

Every single Saturday over the past couple of weeks Roblox has been breaking records.

But this moment was extremely short-lived, the servers couldn’t handle it and roblox dropped form 9.3M concurrent users to 60K current users. Terrible.

But here’s the deal: Roblox needs to fix their servers as soon as possible. Otherwise they won’t be able to hit 10M. I think they need to fix a lot of architecture & they need to do it quickly, time is ticking.

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Alright, so first off, I’m actually shocked Roblox hit an all-time CCU for the 2nd (or 3rd?) time this year. Wasn’t COVID-19 enough to bring up their CCU since everything went virtual for 3 years straight? Apparently not … :thinking:

Second, if Roblox wishes to break this new record, they must fix their server architecture at any cost. Such a large player base and current online players need a stable server base to use. Especially in this era of time, the metaverse is becoming a reality. If Roblox wants to be apart of this future, revamping their server architecture is the first step.

I don’t believe they have bad servers, I’m almost very certain that they have old technologies clashing with modern technologies, this is clearly an issue and they may be in a tight space but something needs to be figured.