Roblox New Desktop Beta App Opinions (update)

What are your opinions on the new Roblox windows app (beta app)

In my opinion its very spaced out but the icons are very big. 6/10

And when you put your mouse on the game, it does that.

I would love to see your opinions!

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I always use the Website to join, I wish they added back the old Menu GUI that went on the side instead of the whole Screen.

It actually was never new and was released in 2021.

It does log you out though if you login multiple times on the website (

I think it does need some changes but it is a beta but I’m wondering what they will do next to the app!

It’s not that new & people are randomly selected to test it.

I personally don’t like the app, I would prefer if it was more like the web edition, it just seems to “playful” and simplistic for me.

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sorry for bumping i like this new ui, it doesnt look like a mobile app now

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I’ve seen this, they still need to make it feel a bit more, “thick”, it’s very thin right now, everything is too compacted:


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