Roblox Offline Mode: Theory

I have had a theory for roblox: offline mode. This would allow you to play offline. Maybe developers could incorporate bots


Omg yessss!!! I would love if they added that!

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I don’t really think that’s possible … you need Wi-Fi to play Roblox, and the only way to play offline would be to download a game or something.

nice concept but not realistically possible. if there was no wifi or internet connections the you wouldnt be able to upload progress onto datastore servers and it would have to be saved localy, if you closed the app it would be deleted, also many other factors aside this one

Yeh, that’s an issue

But what stops you from downloading games?

Like on Spotify premium you can downloads playlists to play on the go.

yea but games and music files are a whole different story

It still can be done, I think this could be easily integrated. New genre: Solo.

I would genuinely like this to be published to the Roblox platform. This would be helpful in many ways as I could ghost my friends when I don’t want them to know I’m online, or if I want a bit of me time on the platform.

You could say just turn your joins off, but that doesn’t work. I have done this before and my friends previously have, but I’ve managed to be me and locate what game they are playing.

The only issue here is that Roblox needs internet connection to even play a game.

Yeh, but you see services like network require connection to even play a video. However on Netflix you can download movies and play them on the go. For games that are single player on roblox, something like this would work perfectly, as long as roblox properly protects files then that could be a system that could come into place.

But if you could download a Roblox game, wouldn’t that basically mean anybody can take the game files and use the map, or assets, for their own games?

I’ve said they were going to add this around 6 months ago but we still don’t have it-

It would be nice to see this update, but I guess this is still in beta testing.

I don’t think it would come, it’s virtually impossible … at least, with the current technology.

You might not know, it could come.

But like in my example, Netflix can prevent people from downloading movies, so I am certain roblox can encrypt the files.

Not really, we already have roblox studio files. If they could somehow be encrypted and safe then we could launch them into the roblox player and play offline, of course you will have to tackle the challenge of having no server or more then 1 player, but it’s doable.

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That’s true. The only issue is, at that point you won’t be able to play with friends, which will also drop revenue for both Roblox and the game creator(s).

But, however, downloading games could become possible in this era, whereas the server issue could be resolved later on but not really anytime too soon.

This doesn’t matter, online servers will still exist.

The game data won’t save, of course, to prevent hackers and all, it would just be an on the go solution that wouldn’t save data & would just give you enjoyment.

If anything I think it would boost :point_up: revenue for Roblox and the developers, this is because people will find games they like by playing them on trips, on the go & other scenarios, this means when they hop back online they’re more likely to consider playing the game.

If they enjoy the game it will also give the urge to purchase specific products all in one boosting revenue since Roblox just piggybacks on a developer’s profit, it wouldn’t matter either way.

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