Roblox Outage: Next Incident

Earlier on, 2021-11-12T03:00:00Z, we had another issue regarding roblox, personally I was asleep so I had no idea this was really happening, however I woke up to a ton of posts.

After the major outage that we had for 3 days I wasn’t expecting anything major to happen again.

However everyone who just experienced the outage got the shock of there life when they saw a post that Bloxy_News made earlier on…

This post definitely scared most of the community after people received this.

However a few minutes later people were relieved as it seemed that the issue was resumed:

So it’s great that roblox was only down for 15 minutes, so not much.

Yet, if you look at some of the responses of the tweet you can see some people that were genuinely concerned over the post, and really thought we would have to go through being offline for 3 whole days again.

But at the moment I just want to say that roblox will not be going down for 3 days, and if it does it will be in a long time away…

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I believe this will continue to happen, Roblox’s servers are quite unstable … especially since the community growth, they have had trouble keeping the platform in good shape.

Roblox could be on the breach to having another blackout and all serves go offline for a couple of days again. Who knows, we await to see.

I would say the chances of tha are low, but it can always happen at some point. Maybe even today. :man_shrugging:

I don’t fancy another lockdown on Roblox, well, I wouldn’t be bothered, lol.

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