Roblox Outage - Worst Outage Yet?

Wow, roblox has been down for more than 12 hours. The outage began at 2021-10-28T19:00:00Z.

And since has been going.

Roblox will be seriously lashed from this.

Every single web-page of the roblox platform doesn’t load. It’s completely broken. Also you can’t upload games on roblox, studio is completely broken too…

If you check out you can see it has “Major Player Drop” & " Active Incident".

Serious problems, hey?

Personally for me I can’t access roblox at all.

On the status page they have said " [Identified] We identify the root cause as internal system issue and work on the fix.". However they said this a few hours ago, and nothing has changed.

This downtime has affected every place, studio, roblox and nothing will load.

I believe this was due to a Internal Server Error, however it could also be because of a more sinister reason, a DDoS attack, unlikely though, as roblox should be protected.

I really hope this is fixed soon. As this is starting to hurt. With all of this down we can’t update our roblox games or anything like that.

:crossed_fingers: it is resumed soon.

What is your opinion on this,

@cookie :cookie:

I can’t play the game and only a small preview shows:


ONLY 8.1k!?

Also down detector has exploded.

We don’t know much why it is down.

Here is a video I found:

(I don’t know how accurate these videos are, but they have some opinions on this downtime:)

ROBLOX DOWN!!! This is what’s going on - YouTube -

ROBLOX IS DOWN…(NO ONE CAN PLAY) - YouTube - KonnekoKitten

Some tweets here (this really sucks as I still can’t upload my game to the cloud, so I need to save it to my local computer):

And kreek is also streaming on the incident:


CloneTrooper1019 a very well known game developer made this post:

People also seem to be quite irritated at roblox, however credits to the Server Engineers right now, as It must be super stressful:


Also there may be a data breach, be extremely careful.

(Keep in mind none of this confirmed but it’s just a suggestion)

This is pretty bad.

If you try visiting

This is what your faced with:

The stock market of roblox may be affected by this, Roblox, I’m going to say this quit genuinely; get yourself together, now.

This is really starting to become more than small downtime.

They need to give us more info, why is roblox down, ddos, server issue tell us.

When is “Soon”.

Please update us roblox…

I’m going to say something controversial right now, Adopt Me is actually doing stuff, like stopping players from playing adopt me to save there data. Adopt Me has also made it so you can’t loose your daily streak in Adopt Me. I don’t play Adopt Me, and never will, but being a developer props to the development team.

Lmao, thanks for using my twitter pic.

But yes, this is Roblox’s worst outage. We know what event it is and the website is just being refurbished.

Developers can’t access studio so that is a downfall. I for one am disappointed about this because it means I loose out on things that need doing in studio, but I also feel sorry for the developers of the roblox website that then have to go and fix this.

The event was a mistake and there is no word on that.

We have more videos from various YouTubers, I cannot say that all there videos are accurate as roblox isn’t saying much, but we just need to try and get everyone’s opinions on this big opinion.




It also may be a critical bug.

This is major.

They have had to SHUTDOWN the website in order to fix this…

Good luck roblox, you really need to tell us what’s happening.

This is becoming serious & it may last for more hours.

It like a massive arsenal moderator is streaming as we speak.

He titles his stream, “ROBLOX SHUT DOWN”

Now personally, I don’t think that’s the way to be responding to this, it may get users shocked about this and I don’t think roblox needs that.

It’s best if people just say, “yeah roblox is down”. But the QA team is to blame for this in a way. They put this event together for it to lash back on the platform and for them to shutdown their website

Very unlikely, but could happen:

WHAT!!! WHY!???

This can’t be happening. Just cannot.

Going live to explain whats happening shortly.

Well, it it’s true it back to other games for all the roblox community. Developers will be far behind on work so this won’t be helpful, even for commissions, all commissions will have to be closed

If roblox were to fix the website, they would need tons of engineers.

Yes, this outage is annoying for our developers, and for the community. I’m honestly blaming the new event.

More info this: Cookie Tech Live - Discussing The Roblox Outage - YouTube