Roblox "PLS Donate" - Robux Duplication?


Hey everyone!

Recently, there’s been a lot of gossip on “Robux duplication” methods via “PLS Donate.” I feel as if it’s important to cover this topic for your own account safety and for informative purposes.

After seeing a few YouTube videos from popular Roblox YouTubers, such as Sharkblox, it appears that it is possible to duplicate Robux through the Roblox refund item system.

This is severely breaking the Roblox Terms of Service, as whoever intentionally tries to get a clothing item refund from an item they created themselves — or by a friend, or alt — would be in breach of the Roblox Refund Agreement.

How Does This Work?

Before I explain this, you’ll need some background on the refund system and “PLS Donate;”

I’m sure most of us know what the Roblox refund system is, but if not, the refund system is used to refund Robux to a user if a clothing item that they purchased was no longer available.

In the popular Roblox donation game, “PLS Donate,” players can create and sell clothing items to get Robux, which makes this game a literal donation plaza.

So, let’s say I were to donate 10,000 Robux to somebody within the “PLS Donate” experience. To do this, I would purchase one of their available donation options labelled as “10,000” and purchase that clothing item. The Robux would then be taxed by 30%, meaning in this other person’s “Pending Robux” tab, they will see 7,000 Robux pending.

However, if this purchased clothing for 10,000 Robux were to be moderated, I would recieve a pending Robux credit message in my inbox, which will prompt me to accept an agreement before Roblox adds back 10,000 Robux to my balance.

  • By agreeing, you are not seeking a return of Robux for items created by you or for items that you knew at the time were in violation of the Roblox ToS or Roblox Community Standards.

  • A breach of this promise may be grounds for termination of your Roblox account.

  • You will not recieve an adjustment of Robux if you were not previously notified by Roblox that you are eligible for an adjustment.

The refund system doesn’t take away money from the clothing creator. Instead, Roblox gives back Robux from their own pockets, because maybe the clothing creator already spent all the Robux, or something else.

Unfortunately, players have decided to exploit this and therefore also breach the refund agreement and the Roblox Terms of Service, by donating via “PLS Donate” to a friend or an alt account that purposely created a clothing item that they want moderated.

So, you can imagine how this duplication works; when you do this and the clothing item is moderated, the Robux will remain with the clothing creator. However, you will be refunding from Roblox’s official account’s balance, which will be added to your own.


In conclusion, this is a terrible exploit, and people who did this have no idea how much they are breaching the Roblox Terms of Service and the Roblox Refund Agreement. Never, ever try this yourself! It will lead to your account termination as Roblox will soon be aware of this Robux exploit.

Again, do not even try to replicate this exploit. This post was made for informative purposes only, don’t say I didn’t warn you guys. Please leave your opinions below!

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This is not great, people who could get away with this are literally making free money.

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@Noah Absolutley True. Im very happy Roblox Terminates People who get caught… But idk maybe its already fixed

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This is mental, I hope Roblox patches this exploit. I’m thinking of how they can patch it but I don’t know.

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Just a correction, PLS DONATE takes 40%, since 10% goes to the game owner, so they’d be getting 6,000 robux instead of 7,000.

I know this is incredibly minor, but still good to get all the facts straight!

So sorry for the bump! :sob: I just wanted to say that it isn’t exactly 40% since the game owner doesn’t exactly earn 10%, I’m pretty sure it’s less than that, a little less than 10%. I know for a fact I read it somewhere LOL, pretty sure you’d be able to find it as well. Please do correct me if I’m wrong!!

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