Roblox Premium vs Roblox Builders Club

For the people who played in the BC era…. it was amazing, right? Flexing about your bc level, The 3/2/1 arrows (if you were during bc era you know What I talk about)… Daily robux….

What was better? Premium or BC?
After calcula tins, my conclusion is that Premium is better vs lvl 1/2 of BC, but lvl 3 (oustrageous) of BC wins, as you get 80 robux per day, 800 every 10 days, and 2.4K per month. What do you guys think?

I think Premium is better, plus it helps you earn more Robux through Premium Payouts.


Yeah… I explained all that on the post. Maybe read it before answering pls

Heyo Patro here;

I think BC is better.


Hey Patro! Thx for joining, I also think The same.

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I personally was a BC and premium user! (I still have the BC hat).

And this is what I have to say about BC.

Premium immediately dumps you with a lot of roblox, now, being a child you will buy the most expensive and coolest thing, which will take all your robux, and then later on you will realise you have just wasted your money on something you would never use.

But with BC, it would teach kids to save there money every day, until they could buy the thing they wanted, this means if they would get a reward every day (which feels much better than getting it all in one heap), you can see the numbers go up, it teaches you about managing money in the real world, and how you have to save for things you want/need, and that if you spend your money it will take you longer to receive something.

[quote=“FriX_0z, post:1, topic:1346, full:true”]
For the people who played in the BC era…. it was amazing, right? Flexing about your bc level, The 3/2/1 arrows (if you were during bc era you know What I talk about)… Daily robux….

They would eventually add the same feature to BC, they just wanted to re-furbish it so more people would buy it.

Value vs teaching your kids about money, rather loose out on 1$ - 2$ teaching kids how to manage money rather then dumping money in their face which they will waste on something they won’t use.

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Lol. I never really bought BC back then.

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It’s basically the exact same thing, it’s just a rebranding.

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bro, its literally the exact same thing they just changed the name to make it sound more “professional”

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It’s not… BC gave robux daily.

Yeh, I agree with @FriX_0z , it’s a big difference.


This is the answer:


I feel Builders Club was definitely better, it had it’s perks to being better than Premium and I think most of the Roblox community would be happy if it made a comeback.

Why BC was better:
Builders Club was literally better than Premium for soooo many reasons, like the robux you would get after buying a certain BC would be spread out over the month which could initially teach roblox users that saving is good and you can start to invest into things you have a decent amount of what you need. The hat’s that cane with BC, that was a nice little touch, I’ve been on the platform for 4 years now and I never once bought BC but it would be a privilege to have had it at one point.

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Yeah… I can flex about this. :wink:


I remember having Builders Club for a few months, then I remember getting the strange logo on the leader board & having no idea what it was. I remember saving for game passes with builders club though.

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Yeah you learnt how to manage your robux with BC.Hope they ever add something like it ever again.

I don’t think Builders Club is coming back, they’ve replaced it with Premium.

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Yeah but if they added it back, it would be amazing.

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Yep, daily Robux would’ve been nice to see again…

Roblox wouldn’t do that, and we all know it. It wouldn’t ruin their economy, but it would annoy the new generation of Roblox users who want their robux in one go.


Fair point, as children you want to buy the biggest & most expensive thing that you don’t need & then uh-oh, you’ve ran out of all your money. It’s just a phycological strategy by roblox, when you receive all your money in one go, you feel like your making more.