Roblox Pros and Cons

Hi Cookie Tech!

So, today I wanted to get your opinions on the pros and cons within Roblox.

  • What do YOU find good about the platform?
  • What do YOU find bad about the platform?

My Personal Opinions

Roblox has a nice designed platform so it’s up to date with 2022, and people can navigate easily around the platform. I am a big fan of some of the news update, but I’m not able to get access to on of them for the next couple of months maybe years as I have no use for it. If something were to comeback from Roblox, I would probably bring back all the labour day items that went off-sale in 2018, like the Workclock selection, the Silverthorn Antlers as they were really good and I would of had the opportunity to get them.


Roblox does tend to be a buggy platform, so there does tend to be some errors within the software resulting in the website going down and players getting annoyed with this. Otherwise, I don’t notice tons of cons.

I look forward to hearing back from all of you!


  • Free hosting.
  • Good community.
  • DevEx exists
  • Innovations come to the platform often
  • Collaborations with other people.


  • Too much tax.
  • Moderation Fails
  • Servers can fail
  • Bad community relations (sometimes)
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