Roblox removed the "oof" sound?

Hey everyone!

I figured I’d make one last topic before I go on travel. Anyhow, this topic is regarding the fact that over 1 houra ago (at time of posting), Roblox announced great plans for the Avatar Shop to include sounds (which I still don’t understand), everything sounds good.

However, they mentioned that they have officially replaced the classic “oof” sound when a player dies in a game. How dissapointing! Everybody here loved the “oof” sound!

Why did Roblox remove the “oof” sound? It was a great thing!

Yes, yes … it was a fantastic sound. It was a great quality and historic part of Roblox’s history. However, Roblox claimed in a recent tweet that the “oof” sound was removed due to ‘licensing problems’ and dispute, and so they had no choice but to replace the death sound, or they could have potentially gotten into legal trouble. Here’s an image of the recent tweet below;

Screenshot 2022-07-26 7.04.56 PM

How are people reacting to this?

Just within an hour, people are already showing several forms of hate towards Roblox and its employees over on the Roblox unofficial DIscord server. I understand their dissapointment, and I am really upset myself, but they shouldn’t be saying slurs and whatnot to Roblox staff.

Even the ever-popular Roblox YouTuber Kreekcraft took this into account and created a video explaining and talking about the “oof” sound. I’m sure many other YouTubers will express dissapointment as well.

What is the new death sound?

The new death sound by default now sounds like “ow.” I personally don’t like this new sound as “oof” sounded mush more original. I really don’t have a lot to say about the “ow” sound, all I can say is that “oof” sounded better in every aspect.

What does this mean for the future of Roblox?

Although this simple removal of the “oof” sound was made, it’s certainly tearing everyone apart. The “oof” sound was perhaps one of the few historical features that actually remained unchanged for a number of years, and removing it is upsetting for many players.

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I hate the update, the new sounds sounds really bad, instead of an “ow” it’s more a combanation of:

“ooh”, “aaa”, “ow” - I know a little strange - it’s hard to explain.


The fact that roblox advertised the creator of the “oof” noise on the devforum specifically on the announcements channel the fact that we now have to lose the sound sucks, it makes it even worse that we’re getting this awful replacement, however, the off sound is now really gone, it’s not coming back & that really sucks.

It’s really surprising how much this sound meant to a lot of people.

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They said that this sound is only temp intill they find a better one.

Maybe just remove the sound entirely, I don’t see it making a major change.


The ‘oof’ sound is like the core of Roblox. Pretty much anyone who hopped onto a game heard it once. It’s sad to see it go.

Roblox is a multi-billion £ company and they don’t want to buy a license for it? It’s like not that much. Can’t believe roblox cares about the money :money_mouth_face: then actually getting things done.

The new ‘ow’ sound sounds like a death sound of a minecraft creature or something.