Roblox removed under 13 ads - Is this bad?

Okay, we all know what this is. Do we click them? Not really. But when you see your favorite YouTuber screaming, “join my group!” And you’re young, you can’t resist.

I would say that around 50% or more of all ads clicked are by users under the age of 13.

You used to be able to set a target audience of under 13. This is no longer possible:

For the first time ever, you can also advertise to (essentially adult) users. This brings a major change in how advertisement will work for individuals. I can see why Roblox did this. It was a way to trick many >13’s into playing games & possibly posed a security hazard. But this now means Roblox ads will experience a major downfall.

Roblox needs to ensure that they provide adequate tools for roblox developers to advertise their games. This is essential for fresh developers to find a playing ground to start.

Most adverts (including Sponsored Experiences, Sponsored Items, and User Ads) will not be available to under 13’s. And I see this as being a major loss for most of the development community. I understand why they did this, but this was a major loss for a large development community.

Out of interest, are you disappointed by this or do you think something else?

Just to make it clear this means ALL ads/sponsors will NOT be shown to under 13, it’s not a watering can principle either.