Roblox Reputation

In roblox, you also have reputation. If you raid a group and then you’re willing to be accepted at an application for HR, they won’t accept you. Why? Because your reputation. Groups do backgrounds, and check your historial is clean. That group won’t accept you cause you’ve raided a group before, your reputation is trash. They don’t want you. You always need to think what, why, how and what will happen after and while you’re doing something. Such as raiding, for example:

What are you doing? I’m raiding a group.

Why? For example, because they fired me.

How? I created an alt and got HR, that’s how I’ll be raiding.

And… what will happen? Will you feel good for raiding? At the moment you’re doing it, will be fun. But then… It will become boring, you’ll realize they fire you for a valid reason, and you’re raiding people. You’re making them mad, sad and disappointed. And… the future? Nobody will accept you ever in a group, you can crate an alt, but you’ll anyways feel bad because they don’t want you.

So, don’t raid groups, be nice, and always think before doing something like this!

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I would never abuse the rules of Roblox, I like to be the nice and helpful guy :sunglasses:

I agree with this guy.

Anyway, if you decide to raid groups, etc, it won’t really help you with anything.

Mhm! It doesn’t make sense, you just lose time for doing that.

True, but from a hacker’s perspective it would be thier goal to get the group owner to quit Roblox.