Roblox’s Future

Yep. This topic isn’t about Roblox’s Outage… It’s about Roblox’s future. Many time ago there was a lot of good games, now, almost all games are trash, kid games, etc. What happened? What will be the future of roblox? Will The good games disappear? Jailbreak, Arsenal, this are The games we want. That city rp games, are for BABIES, they’re Not even good games. Brookhaven… Just why? Obviously, this is just my opinion. You can comment/reply here what you think! Have a good day.

I honestly hope there will be more and more developers on Roblox as soon as possible. To be honest, I just can’t suffer how the only games that pop up on my recommendations list are Anime Fighting games, Brookhaven, or Adopt Me. In my opinion, we need to diversify the type of games on Roblox, otherwise, it won’t be fun anymore.

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Yeah! BedWars is really good, the developers are great. The updates are really cool! I think it’s one of the best games of this 2020-2021 roblox year.


Yeah. Like 10 same anime games. It’s okay, but I don’t want to play that. They’re all the same…

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