ROBLOX studio: Device compatible GUIs

Hello, Cookie tech community! I thought I’d make a tutorial on how to make your GUIs device compatible! It’s actually rather simple, but it’s a very common mistake I see.

First, after making your GUI, resize your GUI to 0.1,0,0.1,0. This should make your GUI rather small. Now, you can continue to resize your GUI normally. This works with most GUI objects, and then you won’t have your textlabel take up the whole screen on a phone!

If you want a full-screen GUI, read below.

For a full screen GUI, make the size 1,0,1,0. This will make the GUI take up the full screen!

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,

Wrong category. #tutorial will be good.

Also, some pictures would help. It’s a bit basic too, it only tells us how to do 2 very basic things, try expanding upon it. :slight_smile:

However, it’s useful, this is one of the first things I learned when doing UI’s around 4 years ago.

I can, I did this on my phone when Roblox was down so I couldn’t do much but definitely!

Thank you! I’m sure that will help me, thank you!

awesome tutorial! This is really good for people starting out with guis,.

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Excellent tutorial! I use to use a more outdated method but this really helps!

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