Roblox Studio Error - My games won't load

Hi Cookie Tech,
So today I was trying to develop on my laptop on an alt account, and nothing was loading into Roblox Studio.

I was wondering how would you fix this, any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Check task manager, any activity spikes when you try loading up the games menu?

You need to give it a few minutes to load, This normally happens when a lot of people are loading Roblox Stuido.

Strange, never experienced that before.

Are you on the latest version? The latest version of Roblox Studio has a refresh button, however you don’t seem to have that … ?

It seems nothing is on there.

Go to Create and look for the Studio section; below the categories. Click Install Studio and that should update it with a fresh copy.

I’ll try that, thanks.

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Do you still continue to have issues?

I haven’t tested it yet, I’ll give it a test tomorrow.