Roblox studio for mobile - Future of roblox development

Hello, everyone!

I know a ton of the community is on mobile. However, in-order to develop and make your own games for the community to enjoy you need to be on a computer.

Do you think roblox should go through the effort of making a roblox studio for IOS.

I personally believe allowing mobile players to make games on there devices would definitely level out and make a much more diverse game library.

What do you think we should do about this?

I would love to hear your opinion,

@Noah :cookie:

I do not think so as mobile does not have as much power and not a lot of the important tools needed to use studio. Additionally, this would leave the platform with a lot of games and could result in more crashing and/or outages. Additionally, the majority of phone screens are too small- and a lot of tablet sizes would not be ideal. Furthermore, I believe they should not go through the effort of making studio for mobile.

Personally, I use an iPad Pro, and it’s very capable of running high-end ROBLOX games. But, I think it would be very difficult to design ROBLOX Studio for iOS/iPadOS because they use touchscreen, not keys, unless you don’t count the Apple Wireless Keyboard and mouse.

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They could try making the tools accessible to phone size. It could be more modern and be more compact. Also, on and Ipad screen it would be perfect.

I’m not saying that roblox should copy and paste the current roblox studio into mobile and just add touchscreen. What happened if they made a completely unique roblox studio with a completely new version

True- but my belief remains that they should not.

Interesting choice, a large majority of roblox players on mobile.

In Canada :canada: , 84% of Roblox’s revenue comes from mobile players.

It’s also found that Around half Roblox usage is on mobile, with 40 percent on desktop and 10 percent on consoles.

Yep, true fact. Lots of players in Canada play on mobile, however it’s almost a 50/50.

True. But we can’t hide that that’s a huge amount of players & a rather large percentage of the users are not allowed to use/have a computer. Therefore we are cutting the diversity of the game page in half.


giving mobile users access to studio will just create a bunch of more free model and virus games

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Ok, I didn’t see that coming, but still. Not everyone makes free model and virus games.

What makes you think mobile users will make a bunch of models and viruses? It’s more likely to happen with a computer/PC since you basically can’t do any coding on mobile.

Well, free models can be uploaded from a pc and computer. And I think if they made a studio for model it would most likely have coding.

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It’s referring to the fact that the majority of players are on mobile so giving them access to do so would result in a lot more scams and stuff.

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I would love it if they did then if you are at a hotel you can bring Roblox studio with you

I agree, not everyone else carries a good pc with them everywhere they go.

I would love it to be on mobile but it would be very hard to size objects/move them and interact with plugins.

Oh yeh, plugins would definitely have crazy problems…

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I feel this would be Hard to do, Ipads and Mobile Devices Lag Quite A lot.

New Ipads & new phones are pretty powerful.

The new Ipads could now definitely face a computer on a head to head, so could the new phones, it’s just a matter of how long until everybody has this type of tech.


That is true. Apple integrated the M1 chip into the latest iPad Pro model, maybe the recent iPhone as well, so we can expect some cool capabilities coming to mobile devices in the future.

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