Roblox Studio - How to get the what's on your mind plugin?


I’ve seen a lot of games using this “What’s on your mind?” thing, when loading into the game it shows your avatar in a circle on your avatar. Does anyone know what this is and if so how do I implement it into my game?

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Probably similar to a discord status thing. Not sure how you’d implement it.

No I haven’t seen this, do you have any examples of where this has been used?

A lot of cafes and juice bars.

Hey! So, this is one of the Roblox Developer Modules, which are free assets created by Roblox for developers to use in their games.

There are several Roblox developer modules, you can find and explore them here!

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Thanks a lot.

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You can find this model here: Profile Card [Dev Module] - Roblox

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