Roblox Studio Updates | Are they getting better?

Hi Cookie Tech!
So, Roblox has been releasing some new updates recently for the Beta Members of studio, and there are loads of new updates I want to talk to you all about!

Mesh Importer

So, as we all know the standard way to import a mesh into our game is either inserting a MeshPart into the workspace and loading the file through there, or either through the asset manager, but that takes time to load the mesh. Well, Roblox is going to be releasing a new Mesh Importer, which is a built-in plugin on Studio. I have been lucky enough to test this, and I think it’s way better, and saves more time inserting things via a part of from the Asset Manager. I wonder what you all think about this :thinking:.

I personally think, if they are going to keep this, they should remove the MeshPart block from the inserter, it wouldn’t be much use anymore, and by using the Mesh Importer, the mesh will get uploaded to your inventory, like it would with the asset manager.
This is what the mesh importer looks like:

New Chat

So, I think this post was made a while back, but I think I should include it in this topic due to it being an update to Roblox, and Roblox Studio. As most of you might have seen on the DevForum, Roblox ix releasing a new chat, like they did a couple of months ago, but I still use the old chat bubble due to it being nice. So, Roblox has taken time with this chat, and I personally think this will work well in all games, even RP games like hotels and cafes.


I think this is going to be a good update, I haven’t tested it yet but I look forward to testing it!

So what do you all think about these updates? I look forward to hearing back from you alll!


I believe I created a post sometime back about this, but this new chat seems very interesting and I’m eager to try it out.

You can actually try it out now! I have tested it today and omg, it’s wonderful! I would use this in some future games/comms if the client allows me to!

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I’ve never had any issues with “slow uploading” meshes, however I can see why people see the “mesh part” as being outdated, having something where you can upload your assets straight away will be magnificent.

I also think this update is tying in with the New Improvements to the Creator Marketplace - Announcements - DevForum | Roblox update, which will be providing us with an updated toolbox.


Something like this will be great for the new asset manager though.

Would updates be getting better - I’m not sure on that, I think roblox has been really finalising some updates & now they’re finally coming out, I think it was some sort of plan to get everything out around the same time to really have a good growth spurt, I predict there will be a ton of new features coming soon!

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