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So, I have the BAE module Hand to System, I want to make a utility logs system so whenever an admin runs the ‘:utilitylogs’ command all of the Hand To’s that were made and any moderation command is shown there, How would I do this?

Maybe try using the already established command :logs, the hand-to logs appear there.

Just use :logs as @peter says, your saying you want the hand to command to be where any other moderation command is so just use logs.

Oh alright, one more question, how would I edit the GUI of it? Do I have to run something in the command bar?

one more question, how would I edit the GUI of it? Do I have to run something in the command bar?

Like edit what the UI looks like or just the color?

Both actually, like edit it to how I want it to look in every aspect.

Can you send me the link to what your using?

HandToModule - Roblox and Hand To System - Roblox

Can you also send me the admin link? I think ik what your using but just want to check.

Can’t find the link, sorry but it’s Basic Admin Essentials by r_r(TheFurryFish)

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On line 109 you can edit this for the color. [‘System Color’] =,31/255,31/255), – Color of the admin’s guis.

You mean the Hand-To GUI? I want to edit the Hand To GUI’s colors.

OH! My bad, let me see about that.

Maybe edit this,

local FF ='Frame',G)
FF.Size =,0,0,31)
FF.Position =,0,0,0)
FF.BackgroundColor3 =,31/255,31/255)
FF.BorderSizePixel = 0
FF.BackgroundTransparency = 1	
FF.ClipsDescendants = true

local F ='Frame',FF)
F.Size =,0,0,31)
F.Position =,0,-1,0)
F.BackgroundColor3 =,31/255,31/255)
F.BorderSizePixel = 0
F.BackgroundTransparency = 0.5

Almost, checking logs after using the hand-to doesn’t show the handto action

then why did you mark me as the solution if it did not work for you? Also if its not a BA plugin it wont show up in logs.

sorry, I thought it worked then I checked to see if the hand to system in logs worked and it didn’t. But don’t worry, thanks for the help

Hey, so here’s a few things about marking the solution:

  • Only mark it as the solution if it’s tested and true
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It should if the command is a valid BAE plugin.