Roblox sues Ruben Sim for $1.6 million

Let’s start at the beginning

Making a game is hard, but this is where roblox comes in, it’s easily to build a game with roblox. Roblox is often referred to as a “kid platform”, but oblivious to some people roblox is a massive home to a big player base of adult players. But when there are adults on a platform designed for kids things can go south very fast.

In 2004 they gave players the tools to build whatever they want.

Bad games

As you may know there are some very cursed games on the platform that we can’t even go into detail on in this post, roblox has been trying to combat these games for a very long time now, Ruben Sim believe that the creators of this games must be making some type of money off this.

Why we’ve seen a large growth in adults on the platform

This is as Roblox has advertised the website as a way for developers to make money, “people used to make games for clout”, according to Ruben Sim, but once roblox added “devex” (A way for roblox developers to exchange roblox into real money) the focus changed from being popular, to making money.

The lawsuit

Ruben Sim is simply a YouTube using the roblox platform to make games, but, he was hit by an unexpected surprise, roblox was suing him for 1.6 million dollars.

Biased platform?

In the early days you may remember the roblox forums, a very bad part of the site that is now removed , according to Ruben a developer posted a topic containing an Email, which at the time was against ToS, Ruben duplicated that post and recieved a warning.

He went to check the post and the Email was gone, however, at that time editing was not possible. This means a staff member has manually gone ahead and changed the post for the developer without them receiving any type of warnings.

When Ruben started to point this out he got banned on almost all of his accounts.

Soon Ruben was able to get on the platform and went around 2 year without getting banned, he applied for devex and then he started to make money from devex.

However, just a couple of months later he was hit with a lawsuit. It was partically strange how a journalist at Polygon knew about PolyGon until Ruben did.

The thing is their are worst things on Roblox then Ruben, so why was he getting targeted?

Apparently $1.6 million is more then Ruben has ever owned & in the lawsuit he’s required to lose all social media accounts.

This is crazy and I’m interested to know what happened with this, I can’t believe a post on this hasn’t been made on this yet, what are everybody’s views on this?


Someone Made a Vid on this, Roblox is Darker Than You Think (ft. Ruben Sim) - YouTube

Aw, Ruben Sim made really interesting content. Including a video about China which was really interesting (and sad).

Roblox really overreacts sometimes.

I’m not sure if he Won or Lost. It seems it didn’t.

You’re right, it’s still there. Going to watch the video just in case.

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He won.

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That’s really embarrassing for Roblox… What were they even suing for? ( @25swrld)

That’s helpful but it goes off-topic.

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They were suing Him verlotta reasons just to name a few:

Illegally accessing the website
Holding up rdc
Breaking a bunch of their terms of services

And more.

Incorrect, this wasn’t him. It was a kid that hacked or something.

Yeah but thats what Roblox accused him of.