Roblox Suggestion - More options for robux

So, we all know robux. Basically all of us have it. BUT. I think, there should be more robux options, like 100,000 robux for 1,000 USD or whatever. Also maybe CUSTOM! Isn’t that a good idea? Add more robux options.

Why would someone want to buy £1,000 worth of robux? Sounds crazy in my opinion.


Yeah, that’s a pretty insane amount, plus you already could, just buy 10,000 a bunch of times.

This could pose a liability risk, as what if a child purchases robux with their parents money and spend 1,000 dollars? This would mean a lot for Roblox but could be very bad if the parents want a refund and could even run into a lawsuit.


Eh, I think roblox doesn’t inform parents enough on.

    1. How to keep there games out of those games.
    1. How to properly lock apple pay so you can’t just buy at the click of the button.

At the end of the it’s not a liability risk, however, it’s a lot of money to process, in some countries a purchase of that amount can take a couple of days to process.

Personally I think a custom amount would work better, e.g, put in the amount of robux you want (below a minimum amount) & go ahead with the purchase, you’ll get charged a custom amount, this will work well when you want 500 robux, but you don’t want to get 800.

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YES! that was kinda what i meant