Roblox Talent Hub - Opinions?

Hey everyone,

The Roblox Talent Hub has been in open beta stage for a while now. It is essentially a place for developers to work and apply for jobs. What are your opinions on this?

Note: I have access to the Talent Hub.

I’ve had beta access for the talent hub this whole time since it released and here is what I need to say.

It sucks.

You can’t upload images, and if you upload an image to your post, the post is removed.

You can’t say contact me on discord. YOURE FORCED to use the talent hub.

I hate it I made a post and It’s good pay, It’s been 8 hours and I’m getting hardly and feedback. However, back in the day when I made a post on roblox forums I would constantly get feedback frequently.


The talent hub is an abysmal change to how developers can get commissions and Roblox should seriously re-consider the removal of Collaborations. Let me explain why.

Firstly, the design of the Talent Hub is simply awful. The removal of portfolios and visual representations of people’s skills and expertise makes the Talent Hub feel dull and hollow. This has been replaced with ‘Experience’ which only allow people who have worked on front page projects to be even considered, as someone who works on a commission basis probably doesn’t have many actual projects under their belt. Furthermore, this doesn’t allow us to see how good someone’s work is, it just lets us see what they’ve worked on, which is mostly irrelevant information. Not to mention that the page itself is a complete eye sore when compared to the sleek and customisable layout of the DevForum.

This leads me to my second point, which is that the Talent Hub will become/already is becoming a ‘social media’ platform for big, front page developers to flex their past projects and simply exist. They’re not accepting commissions and they don’t want to work for anyone, an example of that is here:

5/15 of the people on this page (and most pages, sometimes less) are actually open to work, and a majority of those who are open to work either say “I am not open to long term work” or “I only work for X.” X being a value that most studios wouldn’t be able to afford. If people aren’t accepting work, they simply shouldn’t be displayed, or be put into a section where they aren’t shown unless you physically check it yourself.

Thirdly, there’s no feedback. You can’t see the comments on users posts. You can’t see positives and negatives like “This guy does great work and fast” or “This guy is a scammer or didn’t follow through with the deal”. There’s no discussion or communication between anyone. This again just makes the talent hub feel empty. There’s no interaction. An example of this is when a user was able to DM me about a malicious person who had posted on my portfolio, which saved me wasting hours on a commission for him that I never would’ve been paid for. Also, a lot of my customers tell me that they hired me because certain people have posted on my portfolio.

Another thing of note is how terrible the payment display is. Everything is linear, I can’t say I can pay Robux and USD - I have to pick one - but I could also give you Bitcoin, desk fluff, or whatever else people might pay with. On the DevForum, we can write about and include every single detail that we want to let people know what we’ll give them and how we’ll go about the transaction. This isn’t a thing on the Talent Hub, you have to add it as a footnote that nobody checks.

This also links to another point, the fact that there is no customisation. The best part about DevForum portfolios is how customisable they are. UI and GFX designers can show off their talent by having really sleek and cool headers on their posts (which means people might pay them to make them for them, which creates networking between developers) and some people might stick to having a really clean layout. You can do whatever you want, and do it how you want it. Remember one of Roblox’s old slogans - “Be anything, build anything!” - I think the Talent Hub totally contradicts that mission statement.

Additionally, the filter on the Talent Hub is absurd. I can’t properly link images without my post being flagged and I’ve heard other users complaining about how it uses Roblox’s in-game filtering stuff. The Devforum is a place where there are real life money transactions and people are selling services, it’s a marketplace. There shouldn’t be restrictions (save for profanity) in what people can say or link, everybody on the Talent Hub is probably mature enough to read most things. If you’re so worried about people typing bad stuff, make posts need review like Hidden Devs. In this image, all I did was link an image from google - since you can’t just add images, you know, like on the DevForum - and within moments I had been arrested and put at the mercy of the hyper-aggressive filtering system! :frowning_face:

However, it’s not all doom and gloom and I will try my best to make this post constructive. I do like the direction and idea of the talent hub. It makes sense. I feel like it could be really good, and even better than the Portfolios section if you guys considered just a few things, namely:

  • Adding images / visual representation of talent to the Experiences, or making a separate part of the profile section to include this, basically allow users to add a portfolio onto their talent hub page.
  • Allow some level of customisation. Let people change how their profile or talent hub looks overall. You could add something like the Steam Shop, where you can buy different pre-set backgrounds and themes for your Talent Hub page, or possibly allow users to upload their own. You could allow community members to contribute to the pool of pre-set backgrounds and even sell them for Robux if necessary.
  • Allow more in-depth searches. The first thing I did was check for Terrain (since I make terrain) and I was unsurprised when none of the results were for Terrain. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s hardly any Terrain artists or the searching is inaccurate. Adding a filter could also be good, if I only want UI designers then it should only show UI designers. Not builders who say they can make UI.
  • Make some sort of Feedback System. This could be a really terrible idea, but it could also be a good one so it’d need some testing. I think it goes without saying that some people are simply more experienced than others, sometimes its really annoying to have to filter through 10s or 100s of portfolios to find a good person, especially if you want to make a high quality game. This could be a thumbs up or star rating system, which could have categories like Satisfaction, Quality and Speed which all give you a round score.

Ultimately, I think the talent hub is in a pretty bad state, but with some new features and innovative ideas it could be far better than the DevForum in terms of hiring people/finding work. I think in the meantime you should keep collaborations open or at least portfolios for the foreseeable future. I also think you should make some sort of suggestions/feedback thing for the Talent Hub, so that more ideas (which may be better and more suitable than mine) can be heard out as well, since some people might not be vocal on the DevForum.

Thanks for reading, please put your pitchforks down. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very true, currently a developer of the Talent Hub known as ‘peraldon’ on the DevForum has clarified that they are trying to bring a simple drop image to upload feature.

Oh yeh, I remember looking for somebody, there was no way to upload an image so I pasted in a link, next thing you know, my post gets removed.

In addition to that it always shows “popular” or “richer” developers on the home page, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Roblox have a very weird pyramid scheme for developers. As for the talent hub, they have the richest on the home screen to show what they are paying, so us developers that are interested are making our way up the pyramid to success. When we have a poor robloxian looking for someone to hire, they will put their prices low for about 1k-1.7k, once that payout is done, they are moving down the pyramid, while once again, the developers are making their way up.

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They don’t let me use for linking my portfolio, either, which is not great to see from the Talent Hub. Now people have to DM me on the DevForum if they saw my bio page on the Talent Hub but wanted to see my portfolio. :confused:

The Talent Hub should have a messaging system but I’m not sure how effective it is.

It does have a messaging system already, once the other person replies, you can start replying back. When you apply for a job, you can’t message the other person until they reply to the application message.

I’ve heard it’s problematic as it doesn’t show a notification symbol when somebody replies or sends you a message.

Yeah, the only way to get notified about those is through email, if enabled via Talent Hub settings.

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I get notified through emails, which is annoying as my Roblox account isn’t on my work email.

I believe you can link inboxes, on some emailing platforms.

I believe Icloud offers this option, comes in handy if you want to sign up & you suspect you may be at risk of being pwned.

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What does pwned mean?

Pwned, in this context, simply means that your account has been the victim of a data breach .

I’m not joking, there’s a possibility of you getting no pay.


I believe roblox was trying to be “innovative” with the talent hub, but it’s a giant flop. Just look at some of this…

We might have different ideas, but I think that 20% for both is a bit underpaid, and for Galaxy Cafe, 40% is a lot, and since there is a vast rang of cafe’s in roblox, their chance of success is low.

Like @Noah said, the Talent Hub is a place for large-scale developers to simply exist. Any people I could find open, were listed as scripter - 0 years experience, like seriously, they should add a filter to only search devs for hire.

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There is a search section already.

No I know, but sometimes the results are mainly on devs that aren’t for hire.