Roblox To Start University Courses

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Roblox is back at it once again but this time its interesting.

Students at Parsons school of design will now be able to take ROBLOX courses!

Two digital avatars are wearing clothing items like printed jackets and sweatshirts. The Roblox and Parsons School of Design logos are in the center.

Students at Parsons will learn how to make 3D digital clothing using Roblox tools in this course, which

“explores the intricate interplay between digital and physical fashion set in an immersive future.”

Although it is directed by Parsons academics, it was developed in partnership with Parsons working with representatives from Roblox’s marketing, creative, and educational departments.

What does this mean for the Roblox community?

This is huge for the Roblox community as we can now expect to see more and more talented developers bringing more engaging clothing (among others) to the catalog. No matter if you enjoy rthro or not this means bigger things from the Roblox community

Personally I am exited to see what’s to come from users who graduate from Parsons and have taken Roblox courses

But what do you think about this? there is a good possibility that people can take these courses, graduate and persue a different career path. I feel that the time is coming for Roblox to put themselfs out there because you can survive being a developer or artist or even just making Roblox clothing. You just need to learn HOW. And this course is one step in the right direction for that.

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Source/Inspiration: The verge - Roblox and Parsons School of Design are creating a digital fashion course

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I saw this news yesterday, it’s pretty interesting.

Considering that Roblox is more of a “gaming” platform than clothing designing space, it’s cool to see they have their very own course at this location.

If Roblox keeps improving their clothing moderation and benifit students through this course, they could potentially expand this course availability throughout the U.S., and maybe go further and start up these courses in Canada and elsewhere.

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I wonder how this is going to digest, being in the classroom is not always the same to being out in the field so it’s going to be interesting how they deploy this, I don’t think many designers in Parsons will actually start uploading the Roblox Catalogue.

At the moment the amount of money roblox takes is too high, especially if they want to earn real money, they’ll ever need to get a lot of robux or they can just use these skills for another platform and gain a lot more money.

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