Roblox trello api - Is it possible to make a training board?

is it possible to make a training time board where it has a book button where the host hit the book button in they can book what time they want the training to be using the Trello API

Yes, this is possible.

Yep this has already been made by a company called “Droplet” here are the links

Roblox Model
Setup Guide

Ok, Can you send some screenshots?

Thanks! @Aspect

I dont have any but set it up and see for yourself.

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Ok- I am pretty sure that Trello requires a paid subscription for custom fields. Can I set it up without that? At the moment I am using which works fine, but people can only log themselves.

The Trello REST API (

Doesn’t say that in the developer docs - But it seems your right.

Maybe tovyblox has an API, have you checked?

Custom fields are not needed you can just use the cards description

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I believe Trello sunsetted their Trello Gold tier, so you should be in the clear.

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You said that you believed it needed a paid subscription. Unless you’re talking about a Dev Subscription, then I believe it may be free.

This is what I see.

@peter btw, @Noah can you extend the lock date?

The “paid” feature is most likely for your Trello Group, which allows you to create more boards, etc.

In addition, please don’t ping people in the replies, as other people can help too.

Not quite sure about this, haven’t used Trello in awhile.

Alright, so what I’ve found slightly changes what I’ve stated. Like I said, you do get all of that with a paid plan, however, you are no longer able to get custom fields as a power-up. So, what you’ll have to do, is find an old Board that has the custom fields on it, that way you’ll be able to continue with it for free. If not, you’ll have to upgrade. Apologies, I haven’t used Trello in awhile.


Ohhh, Ok. I do not have an old board ): so I guess I will use the description. Thanks!



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