Roblox UGC | How to apply?

So, this is a question I’ve been asking myself, and I have had no idea how to answer it so I came here.

Right, so I wanted to apply for the UGC program, this is because I found out that they make the most robux on the platform compared to the developers like me. If you think about it, the UGC creators don’t need to have a portfolio and don’t need to have tons of experience in loads of areas compared to the developers on the platform.

So, if I applied, I would be learning more within modelling, and it would all be on the catalogue instead of having a portfolio with just a bunch of building and models on them.

So, if anyone knows how to apply to the UGC program, it would be really helpful for me, and possibly others who are looking to do the same thing as me.


Applications are open permanently at this link: application
Instructions: devforum post