Roblox UGC Limiteds Bots

The first issues with the Roblox UGCS Limiteds are now starting to show. It turns out the Roblox UGC Limiteds are now becoming sniped very very fast. UGC Limiteds are coming out all the time but the chance of you being able to purchase them are getting lower and lower.

All the items appear to be off sale.

There are many suspected reasons for why you aren’t able to get these Limiteds at the moment:

The fact is these are also free UGC so it’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem. This error seems to be very common and here are the reasons behind it:

It’s crazy how fast the items with 50K stock are being sniped so easily and so quickly. I’m amazed to see how this is happening and I’ve think I’ve found the problem.

I’ve found a repo which has links to a sniper which is able to snipe UGC items. There is no point hiding it as it’s extremely easy to find on github:

J3ldo/UGC-Sniper: A free UGC sniper bot for roblox (

Personally, I would recommend nobody uses this though, you have a lot to put at risk and who knows how safe the code is unless your fluent in python. I’ve had a quick look and it seems safe, but seriously, I don’t recommend this.

What are your opinions on these bots and do you think roblox could counter this?

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As we feared, Roblox UGC creators have been greatly abusing the limiteds UGC feature. But I never thought the limited market would be cluttered and abused this fast, as it’s only been like, what, 1-2 weeks when this was introduced?

When I read this I wasn’t sure just how large of an impact it was making, until I checked my RAP over on Rolimons and found that my value is now slipping … likely due to the surge in bot accounts purchasing limiteds.

Screenshot 2023-04-13 5.28.31 PM

It’s really dissapointing to see that Roblox and UGC creators are failing us consistantly and taking no action to terminate these bot accounts.

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Here a small update on UGCs — there are now visible price charts for every UGC Limited item on Roblox, according to BloxyNews on Twitter. Additionally, these UGCs will be able to be sold very soon, if they are marked as “Limited” or “Limited U”

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