Roblox - Unstable Servers

Hello cookie tech forums,

It’s happened again…


And today it hit bad, all the services have gone down pretty much everywhere.

I personally was effected by the outage as I can’t upload my Roblox game.

Before the full outage; players rendered as “noobs”.

Now, I can’t even access the website.


It loaded in once, but appears very broken.

Roblox servers are starting to become very unstable. We’ve had multiple big outages this year at this point it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

Roblox really should be buying more, better and faster servers or making the servers run more effectively. At this point, it’s just become a bit of a joke.

Roblox, please fix this ongoing and big issue.

I would like to hear how this has affected you,

@Noah :cookie:


It is somewhat working at this point, to an extent. Studio doesn’t work, but like I said the main Roblox is up mostly I think.

Not for me, roblox completely won’t load.

Must be the different servers. I’m in the UK, so that’s another factor to take into consideration.

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Weird. I got into a game, but in studio it wants me to log in to perform any action, although I appear logged in.

Yeh, the server probably returns a message that studio doesn’t recognise when you try to do an action.

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Roblox unofficial Discord server general chat was blowing up until they locked the chat.

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Because roblox was not online?

Yep, because Roblox was down.

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I finished playing on ROBLOX right before the outage so I don’t really know about this.

However, yes, we’ve had several outages this year, and they must lessen.

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Yeh, it’s becoming annoying.

I won’t be suprised if there was another Roblox outage, to be honest.

What do you think would be causing the outage this time?

Every once in a while there is some sort of service disruption, and those could sometimes lead to temporary outages.

Not sure if there would be a specific service disruption, but some severe server issues could lead to one.

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