Roblox upgraded Security – Security keys are now available

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If you’ve been on the platform for long time, you may be aware that is quite frequent and not unusual for accounts to hacked.

Sometimes even top of the top accounts get hacked, there was even once case when the official roblox account itself got hacked.

In the past year or so roblox has made it possible for authenticator apps to be used, now roblox has taken another massive leap into security.

Security keys are a major part of online security

A Security Key is a device that facilitates access, or stronger authentication, into other devices, online systems, and applications . Security keys are also called security tokens. Security keys are secondary devices that are dependent upon a primary device.

In simple terms you need to have the physical key to prove you have access to the account.

If you have something like windows hello with face recognition or fingerprint biometric or sole face if you can now add that to roblox for another layer of safety.

Keep in mind roblox won’t have access to that biometric data, they will only be able to know if it’s your or not.

I would recommend adding this if you can, the more the better!

So you think this could be risky though as it’s possible you could lose access to your key and do you think roblox wi have something f in place to prevent this?


'bout time! I’m going to set up my Windows Hello by adele

This is a good update! Now, I don’t have to be worried.

2 Step Verification

An Extra Layer of Account Security

In addition to your password, add an extra layer of protection to your account with 2-Step Verification at login, account recovery, and high-value transactions. Note: you can only enable one option below at a time.

Authenticator App (Very Secure)

An app on your phone that generates unique codes. Suggested apps include Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Twilio’s Authy.

Email (Secure)

Receive unique codes at your specified email.

**Security Keys on Web Only (Very Secure)

A hardware security key or device’s biometrics like fingerprint or facial recognition.

Taken from my settings page. May vary per user.

Seems it is BETA.

Example of Security Code


(These aren’t valid codes)

Remember! Keep your account safe.

Keeping any account safe from hackers is important. Ensure to enable as much factor auth as possible.

Please, enable 2FA

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Doesnt show at all.

It is only on web right now.

I was able to set it up with desktop mode on my iPhone anyway.

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If only this could be implemented, the only options I get is iCloud Passkey, a QR code or a security key.

May only be for beta users, like myself or others.

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Great, post, thanks for sharing!