Roblox Value Leaderboard Battle

The Roblox Value Leaderboard is to track the richest players (in limiteds) on roblox, there is one found on the rolimons site here.

Right now, that user in #5 codedcosmetics has been causing a massive drama.

This is what the official Rolimons Twitter posted:

To get on the leaderboard she just bought a ton of the “Carolina Dress” coming in at :robux: 900k.

It seems this user owns a massive roblox clothing group, and this is why she managed to get so much money to purchase all of these items.

This is an interesting comment from Grapple:

But now drama is rising:




These posts just continue on forever, opinions?

I think she should be able to do it, it really doesn’t matter if your the top player, just as long as you are kind still.

Me personally, I find it very impressive how someone because the richest robloxian from just purchasing a projected item, proves anyone can do it. I think everyone was just in shock due to it being a projected limited, but that it was also a female being the richest robloxian. I hope she gets back up to #1 (#2) because it will be impressive.

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This really just questions ethics. While some people here are basically comparing this to exploiting in a Roblox game (Metaphor) Others are just plain mad and some people actually support her.

The fact is she didn’t work her way to the top and her items are projected. And the other fact is she is twisting peoples words trying to turn the narrative on them saying they can’t handle a woman being on the top when in reality, again. She didn’t WORK her way to the top.

And no one’s saying to take the stairs when there’s an escalator (metaphor) but she did this by what could only be described as a cheap method in my opinion.

And this is where ethics comes into play.

How is twisting someone’s words and creating a false narrative anywhere near being “kind”

What I’ve stated above are facts with one sentence stating my opinion so feel free to debate this as I know some of you might not agree.