Roblox Voicechat - Do you use it?

It has been almost 5 months since Roblox added voicechat to their platfom.

Roblox voicechat opend a whole new world for games. Along with Vibe voicechat games, games became more realistic and were able to be played better with voicechat.

With this I want to ask you. Do you use voicechat? And, do you have voicechat? Let me know by voting in the poll. And let me know more in the comments!

  • I have voicechat but don’t use it
  • I don’t have voicechat
  • I have and use voicechat
  • I have voicechat and use it but I dont talk

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I’ve been to lazy to set up voice chat lol
I’ve heard it a long process

Not really, takes abbout 2 minutes

It depends on the queue size. These days, I would say about 10-15 minutes, you were probably lucky to get verified in 2 minutes.

I thought it’s automated, I suppose it does go into a queue for the AI to check, for me it was instant, but I did verify a very very long time ago. I personally use voice chat every now and then, but I don’t use it that often.

I don’t really like the idea of strangers hearing my voice. I NEVER go into discord voice channels, unless with my friends. It kind of creeps me out when I hear strangers’ voices in my house.