Roblox VoiceChat - What's coming & what we should be careful for

According to an official statement from Bloxy News:

In the coming weeks, @Roblox Voice Chat will roll out to all eligible 13+ users in the US and extra beta.

According onto this, to prioritize safety and civility on the platform, Voice Chat will be temporarily removed from private servers until further notice.

At this point VoiceChat is old news, VoiceChat has been in beta for a very long time & I remember testing it during it’s very early phases. But in the coming week, they’ll be rolling out to every single user on Roblox that is eligible and over the age of 13.

I still don’t like voice chat, if your looking for voice chat, trust me, Roblox VoiceChat sucks. :cry:

It’s full of people: swearing, being racist, not safe for work content & it’s honestly a horrible environment to be in. If I was giving honest advice to any player who is currently thinking of using Roblox VoiceChat, don’t do it. It’s a really bad choice.

Roblox VoiceChat lacks the security features that are required to keep the massive system safe. For instance:

  • Most “Voice Crimes” get gotten away with, out of most of the abusers I’ve seen online hardly any of them have been punished.

  • Too many kids, I’ve definitely encountered under 13 users & I’ve reported all of them, if Roblox has actually done anything, I don’t know.

  • I’m not sure if they can record all the voice chat audio - Personally I don’t have any experience in this field but surely if they recorded all of the voice chat audio it would be extremely :dollar: to save.

Apart from most 13+ users being allowed on, some users are annoyed at another aspect of this update:

:raised_hand: No more Roblox voicechat in private servers.

Personally, I think this is quite a good choice, it’s preventing certain people :disguised_face: from luring people into situations they don’t want to be in inside of private servers. I don’t think people should get upset as this is clearly a safety precaution for an issue that could become serious if not taken with enough seriousness.

I hope Roblox can start slow & start with the most safety and then slowly rise to a safe point.

For parents:

We’re not an official representative of Roblox and personally I would recommend ensuring that you make sure your child has voice chat disabled, it’s not a safe place to be (I would say Roblox VoiceChat is only safe for 15+), to ensure voicechat is disabled follow the following steps:

Disable VoiceChat

This is the first part of this quick guide, you can start by heading to your privacy page (Settings > Privacy), then make sure you disable Voice Chat, just make sure the toggle is off.

Then toggle will be grey when disabled.

Make sure toggle is disabled.

Enable Parental Controls

Found on your parental controls page, click on parent pin disabled & enable it, make sure you save the pin and keep it secure and safe, this means that the settings can’t be changed without that pin.

Thanks for reading :wave:

Thanks for reading, what are your opinions on this & how do you think we should be responding to this?


For me, I don’t like this update. Some people trolls by using the voice chat.


Unfortunately, a lot of people troll using VC. I also (as a personal preference) have only used VC once.

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