Roblox VR - How to get it

Hello! I would like to show you how to get VR on Roblox.

This is not going to be super in detail, it’s gonna be very simple.

So, first download this software right here: Oculus PC app - Download

Ok, so when you click that, go down until you see this:

It should start downloading, when it’s downloaded, go to your Oculus settings then type “air” after you type that, something at the very bottom should say “Quest link”, click that.

After you clicked that click “Launch app” then, take off your headset then go to Settings > General in your Oculus PC app. Then click “Unknown Sources” it should look like this after you turn it on:

Now, go to Windows Logo. And type “Roblox” find the one that says “Roblox Player” then right click, open file location. After you click that, it should come up with this:

Now, right click Roblox Player again then click Open File Location. Now, see a file called RobloxPlayerBeta? Right click that and click “Create Shortcut” now this file here should pop up:
Drag that to your home screen.
After you do that, right click it, then click properties. Now, where it says “Target” you should see RobloxPlayerBeta.exe, now at the very end type a space then “–app” that should make it an app!

Edit: You still have to go in the browser, join the game, and leave then rejoin on the app.

Now, on your Oculus click your computer name, either its DESKTOP-(Jibberesh) or something like MYCOMPUTER. Just click your computer name, after you click it, put your headset on your head like sunglasses when your not using them :sunglasses: after you do that, join a VR supported game and enjoy!

Hope this helped, @andrew