ROBLOX: What is your favorite admin? (Ex: BAE, HD Admin, etc.)

What is your favorite admin? (Your personal favorite, not the most useful, etc.)


I think this was asked before! Anyways, BAE and Adonis! The best!


Thank you for replying! Also, it has not been asked before. It has been asked: “What admin should I use?”. That’s why I specifically said “(Your personal favorite, not the most useful, etc.)” in the description. Anyway, thank you! :DD

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I currently use HD Admin but I am attempting to make my own :grin:

Basic admin essentials.

So cool! Thanks for your reply! ^^

Wow! Making your own!? Cool! When you finish it will you sell it? Or will it be free? Or just for your game?

I plan to finish and release this for free publicly by the end of 2021 (or mid November). I also plan to add this in my game but with a few differences in terms of features.

So cool! Can’t wait to see it done! :+1:

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Is it out yet? If so can you send me a link?

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It is almost done, but so far command are not functional. Basically all the UI and a few other things are almost finished.

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Very nice, if you ever need a scripter you know where to find me…

Or me… although I’m not nearly as good as cookie.

Of course go for cam rather than me though. :wink:

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Admino (Beta) has been released, however for now you can only open and close it and take a small peak inside the model :wink:

(P.S. I will need of scripter soon, maybe before or after the winter break)

Hopefully it will be fully functional sometime in 2022.

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Hd admin.

Its super easy to instalal

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Alright! If you need a scripter, I’m always here. :wink:


Basic Admin Essentials, by a mile. It is very easy to customize and lots of popular groups such as Nova use it, plus it doesn’t have a UI like all of the other ones. Just say a command, and boom.

Same with me, you can always give us a scripting support topic.

Yeh, it’s a lot more clean.

However, I don’t know if it’s just me, but BAE recently had an issue with making custom commands, I don’t know if that’s resolved though.

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