Roblox's Criminal Underworld? - The IGN report

Wow. What a way to start 2023, already a new news article berating Roblox. Is this just another news company writing about something they don’t understand or are they shining a light on a hidden issue? :flashlight:

Let’s find out.

According to Wikipedia IGN is an American video game and entertainment media website operated by IGN Entertainment Inc.

This interesting and the crazy part is they’re calling it “Roblox’s Criminal Underworld”:


Let’s jump into it, IGN has just uploaded a new video and we’re now going to investigate. :male_detective:

Roblox is estimated to have over 235M players worldwide, according to IGN Roblox has a large variety of games to offer.

In the video it goes a lot over the economy as I presume this content is also intended for users that don’t know much about Roblox. I’ll :fast_forward: over that part.

Apparently according to Luke Winky the writer and investigator of this IGN report has been investigating on the “Criminal Underworld”. From his investigations in discord servers, reddit and forums he’s found a lot of scams and black market trading.

According to IGN many scams start on discord where hackers play their trade the scammers use “specialized software” to quickly gain control over the roblox users accounts and then start selling of their accounts.

According to IGN “Beaming” is the slang term for scamming & I would like to explain that that’s not true & I will explain after.

Apparently a 13 year old hacker makes $10K dollars a week with his partner, crazy numbers.

IGN also talks about a pin cracker that can apparently quickly brute force the way in and quickly unverified the account. I also want to talk bout this as I think their is slight misinformation on this.

IGN also talks about a site called RBLXFLIP which seems to be a random roulette game where all the items are moved to the bot and a random winner gets all the items.

Okay. So before people run away with all the information from this video I want to just give my opinion on a couple of things.

Roblox will almost never be able to stop these scams from going on, their only way they can prevent these things is by defense.

What we must understand is that Roblox is full of kids which makes it very vulnerable but some things are utterly out of Roblox’s control.

People selling their Roblox accounts may be undetectable and even impossible to fix, so that’s something that’s out of Roblox’s control.

I also believe that the main way that roblox “hackers” get your account is through some form of social engineering. The issue is their are many people who don’t understand how easy it is to get social engineered.

Next, we’re going to be talking about the term “beam”, the term beam, is not slang for “scam”, it’s the term for when you steal somebodies account by them clicking on a link or viewing an image or something, it’s when a user uses malicious code to steal a users cookie.

Following this we’re going to be talking about that pin cracker, if you want to you can add a 4 digit pin to lock your settings, if your a true security advocate I would hope your using a authenticator and if you have more then 10K robux in your account it should be standard that your using an authenticator.

I’m not sure but I also think Roblox should rate limit the individual account if you have sent over 10 pin attempts or something, as to brute force a 4 character pin can take a lot of requests.

I don’t know how much of this is truth and I don’t know if they lie about the amount of money they’re earning. It’s easy to get social engineered. But I also feel their is a lot of things that must eventually be caught.

Thanks for reading, if you want to watch the video for yourself the link is down below.

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I actually think this video is just a views grabber. But feel free to disagree

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