Robux or Money?

Hi! Imagine your gam get’s really popular. And you gain 100,000 robux. What would you do? Keep that 100k robux (which is like 1,000$), or exchange it for robux (they would give 300 dollars)?
I would choose robux! What about you?

  • Robux
  • Money

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It’s Not… It’s General, and it’s about roblox.

I can agree, it is a bit off-topic, and it is a weird question for this who can’t DevEx yet. I for one are one of those people that can’t DevEx yet,

And it’s also not about Roblox, just because it has “Robux” in it doesn’t mean it’s roblox.

I never said people with DevEx, just asking what would you choose.

Probably the money would be better.

Depending, I don’t know what to use money on, so robux for me.

Yeahhh money outweighs Robux.