Rthro Avatars - More controversy

“Roblox has released a variety of free default avatar bundles that are specifically made as a blank canvas to add layered clothing onto.”

At the moment layered clothing can look a bit “off” at the moment.

But if you equip one of these new “base avatars” and remove all the clothing, this is what you’re greeted with:

According to a lot of people they really do not like the look of these avatars, some even calling it inappropriate.

People are immature, but what do you think of this avatar?


I wouldn’t consider it “inappropriate”, however I think it’s just simply ugly.

Honestly, this is sort of an “innapropriate” base model for avatars. Maybe it’s fine for avatar editing sake, but I do not wish to see any of these base model, nearly clothless avatars in an actual Roblox game … because that will spark debate and blame can be shifted to UGC and game creators, meaning the end result could be pretty bad just from an innapropriate Rthro avatar appearing in game.