Save time with Ai Composer Helper's suggested titles

After our massive failure with Cookie Tech AI, we wanted to experiment with AI once more. This is why we have decided to introduce our Ai Composer Helper.

After composing your post, click on the :sparkles: icon and select any of the following options:

  • Suggest titles :open_book:
  • Translate to English :uk:
  • Proofread :eyeglasses:

And after a couple of seconds, you will get some help from the AI. To get access to our AI, you have to either be TL4, Staff or @Beta. If you want to join the Beta group, feel free to request access, as we will be letting people in over time.

I would really love to try out AI in the community again and hopefully it won’t be as exploitable this time. The AI may be buggy or slow, but be prepared for that. You can always opt-out of Beta by leaving the beta group, so what are you waiting for? Let’s start experimenting!

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Great addition to the Cookie Forums!

I think the CT AI bot concept went too far, but this is perfect for everyone. I do hope people make good use of this, as this tool can help everyone remain abiding by the β€œKeep It Tidy” rule. Plus, I believe this new tool will help in a lot of other ways as well.

Wow! Are you eventually going to give access to TL3?

As of now, this new tool is only available to the following groups. If its usage is found to be useful, perhaps then it will roll out to TL3 users.

Ok. How are you liking the tool?

I am in @Beta, but do not have the tool.

Try now, let me know if it comes up.

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I do not have the tool.

Could you show a screenshot of your posting prompt tool bar?

Here is a screenshot