Script does not change based on leaderstat

Hello, this script should change when a leaderstat is changed. I have a script that changes a users leaderstat based on team and group rank. This script should check the rank and update it if the leaderstat changes on a user and showcase it,


script.Parent.Text = "" .. game.Players.LocalPlayer.leaderstats.Rank.Value 
while wait(1) do
	script.Parent.Text = "" .. game.Players.LocalPlayer.leaderstats.Rank.Value 

No console errors

Are you updating the leader board from the server or from a local script?

Server script. 20 CHARRRSSS

So your 100% certain you change it on the server?

If so, where is the chunk of code that changes the stats?

It 100% changes on the server

local Security = 11200509

		local leaderstats ="Folder",player)
		leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"
		local rank ="StringValue",leaderstats)
		rank.Name = "Rank"
		if player.Team == game.Teams["Joining"] then
	rank.Value = player:GetRoleInGroup(SCP)
		elseif player.Team == game.Teams["Class D"] then
			rank.Value = player:GetRoleInGroup(Security)

Alright, when you join the game your player needs to be assigned to a team before this script runs.

Have you made sure that the player is assigned a team before the if statement runs?

The user is assigned a team yes.

The user is automatically teamed Joining while in the menu.

The leaderboard works fully. The issue is with the top script

Try doing:


Then see what it prints.

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