Script Injection Preventation

Hey Cookie Tech,

Recently, a game that I have been working on has been exploited. The game is locked to prevent it until we find a way to solve it.

I’ve seen some anti-exploits with “script injection presentation” for example Aspect Anti-Exploit. I’m wondering how to do it as it seems they are bypassing Byfron somehow.

I need a little bit of support with coding a system like that. If you can give any help, please feel free to reply.

Thank you,

Hey there, sorry to hear that happened to your game! so the most likely reason is that you have an infected/malicious script in your game somewhere.

I suggest going through all of your code and making sure that nothing there is suspicious.

There isn’t though. It was thoroughly searched a couple of weeks ago because we had the same issue and it stopped. I’m not sure what is going on.

Make sure you and all of the developers that have access to the game check your Plugins and make sure that they’re all the right ones and there’s no suspicious ones.

If it’s not this, then it just means that whatever anti-exploit (if any) isn’t working properly and you will either need to make one or buy one.

If you make one, I suggest making a list of all scripts within the studio and then detecting if any scripts are added. If any scripts are added or removed then it should shutdown the server and send a message to your discord server.