ScrollingFrame with TextLabel help

Hey everyone.

I was customizing the licensing menu of my upcoming administrator panel, but I ran into a problem with the scrolling frame and the text label, which displays the actual license.

However since the license is so long, I needed a scrolling frame, but at the same time I needed a text label. I tried doing this but it did not work out, would have uploaded a video example but turns out only image files are allowed.

Do you guys have any solutions to this problem? Thanks!

Gyazo? Or YouTube unlisted?

Video files should be accepted, I will check that out later.

So If I’m understanding correctly, the text-label doesn’t work with the scrolling frame?

#1 Disable TextScaled.

And do something like this:

(Or do I still not get the issue?)

I think I understand your issue. When you try to make a textlabel in a scrollingframe, it behaves weirdly and is hard to move, or scale?

Yes, that is correct. The scrolling frame itself is working, but the text-label is not moving with it.

Yeah, this is what the result should look like.

Is the text the parent of the scrolling Frame?

If you still have issues try using this then:

ScrollingFrameText.rbxl (36.4 KB)