Selling limiteds now has pending robux

Finally, Roblox has used the pending robux feature usefully. This is a great idea.

Now when you sell a limited item the robux will pend until you receive it, just like normally selling a gamepass/shirt!


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It’s kind of ridiculous that people are fighting against this, but I think this is a great way to go around it, to stop abusing, accidents, hacks and more.

People don’t like this update as they have to wait longer to get robux.

This method is a way for usd seller to give you robux, as you make an egg and sell it for a high amount of money, the robux is then instantly transferred to you. This is just a good idea to combat this.

Here is what another user responding with:

Contradicting this there hasn’t been a limited with a timer. For years…

What are your opinions on this update, win or din!?

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I sold my limited 4 days ago and still didnt get my robux. Is that normal ?

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Check your pending funds.

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This is a good step forward! As Roblox is set to allow anybody to upload UGCs, limited or not, this system will allow for less scams for sure.

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I sold my limited around 4th june this year but still hasn’t get any Robux til this day, how long does it take for the Robux to come?

It will likely take up to 30 days.

read somewhere it’s about 30 days now :skull::skull:

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It sound about right to me, painfully long time though… 3 days was good enough. :cry:

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30 days :cold_sweat: how long did it took for u guys