Selling YouTube channels - An immoral thing to do?

Hello, cookie tech forums,

It seems that a user controversial YouTuber, also known as Xonnek was originally on-stage for being allowed into the Roblox star group (A group where YouTubers are recognised on Roblox) after doing abusive things.

After a lot of nudging at Roblox, they eventually removed him from the program, we’ve now got new news of another incident involving him, his YouTube is now on sale on selling for $26,000. That’s crazy - this is almost guaranteed against YouTube & Roblox TOS.

Xonnek claims he is selling his YouTube account as he is “not making enough money” from YouTube videos so he’s now moving to the platform known as TikTok.

On the site, fameswap this is the description of his post:

The fact that he is almost fully driven by money is something that is not a great look for him.

What are your views on this, it seems YouTube is not doing enough to shut down the site (frameswap) which is breaking multiple YouTube ToS & the 150,000USD is not a great selling point as he’s the one who has received the 150,000 USD.

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear your opinion on this!

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I do agree with this, however I also believe its his choice whether or not to sell his channel.

It’s strictly against ToS though, at the end of the day, it’s not really a choice, this is becoming such a large deal YouTube will pick up on this and suspend the account.


I didn’t even realise that so yes he shouldn’t really be doing that.

I think this just comes to show that he is only out for money. If I worked at YouTube, I would terminate his account at least and take action against FameSwap. Within the picture below you can see that a lot of following (Over 1 billion people!) is just being sold. This is really sad, just imagine if your favorite content creator sold their channel/account!image